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Bookkeeping for your iPhone® and iPad

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Imajinacion® by Warby Software Pty Ltd.


The following table explains the differences between each of the editions:

Edition 1 Bookkeeping Bookkeeping
Multi-device synchronisation - Yes
Attach photos to sales, purchases, and inventory items - Yes
Launchpad for quick access to any function - Yes
Search for any record from one place - Yes
Handles multiple time zones - Yes
Integrated help system - Yes
Separate prices for goods per currency of purchase or sale - Yes
Assign sales people - Yes
Calculate Importation Taxes, Levies, and Duties - Yes
Standard charges for credit card payment merchant fees - Yes
Separate Department or Trading Name reporting - Yes
Calculate Business Activity Statement (BAS) values - Yes
Support for Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) - Yes
Inventory tracking - Yes
Products and Services Limited Yes
Separate product prices per currency Yes Yes
Different buy/sell prices for different date periods - Yes
Customisable Chart of Accounts Limited Enhanced
Non-Operating Accounts (e.g. Income Tax Expense) - Yes
Cheque Book, Deposit Book, Bank Transfers Limited Enhanced
Bank Reconciliations Limited Enhanced
Multiple books Yes Yes
Import data Yes Enhanced
Export data Yes Enhanced
Emailing Yes Yes
Printing Yes Yes
Open with... Yes Yes
Dropbox integration Yes Yes
Financial year end processing and closing Yes Enhanced
Multiple Sales Taxes per line item Yes Yes
Manage complex Sales Tax arrangements (e.g. Canada PST+GST, Philippines) Yes Yes
Customisable Sales Taxes Yes Yes
Manage multiple currencies Yes Enhanced
Foreign currency transactions Yes Enhanced
Foreign currency bank accounts Yes Enhanced
Manage Customer and Supplier information Yes Yes
Customisable Invoicing Yes Enhanced
Purchase orders Yes Yes
Adjustment notes / Credit notes / Refunds Yes Yes
Quotations Yes Yes
Recurring transactions Yes Yes
Job Tracking Yes Yes
Manage Employees Yes Yes
Budgeting Yes Yes
Share Portfolio Yes Yes
General Journal entries Yes Enhanced
On screen reporting Yes Enhanced
PDF reporting Yes Enhanced
CSV reporting - Yes
Comprehensive bookkeeping reports Yes Enhanced
Value Added Tax (VAT) reporting 3 Yes Enhanced

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  1. This list is to be used as a guide only and may vary from the actual program functionality at any time. 

  2. Enhancements in Bookkeeping Pro are compared with Bookkeeping functionality. 

  3. Bookkeeping Pro includes configurable buckets that you can configure to have it calculate the values for you.