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Work anywhere with Dropbox sync

With the Synchronisation module you can enter sales and purchases on your iPhone and they can sync with your iPad and vice versa. Maybe you have your iPad at the office, your iPad mini at home, and your iPhone in your pocket. Using the sync with Dropbox facility will enable you to keep all your devices in sync and enter information no matter where you are.

Invoice on the go

No matter where you are you can generate an invoice and email it to your customer immediately. Gone are the days of having to return to the office and key in all of your manually written invoices. If you have an AirPrint portable printer then you can even print your invoices while away from the office.

Works with any currency

With the Multi-Currency module you can work in any currency and even handle multiple currencies all at once. If you travel, or operate a business that buys and sells across international borders then you can track your transactions in both your local currency and the foreign currencies that you deal with. Even if your sales involve multiple currencies you can still process them and receive a single payment.

Invoices and reports in your own language

We are an english speaking software development company however you can configure Bookkeeping Pro to use your own language. All titles on invoices, quotes, orders, rfqs, and reports can be changed to meet your needs. Any data you enter can be in any language supported by your iOS device. The new native PDF engine can generate PDFs using any font available on your iOS device.

Dashboard for quick access and status information

The dashboard in Bookkeeping Pro gives you quick access to the vast array of the functions built into the program. The dashboard also serves as a status indicator for transactions entered. You can quickly see the number of sales and receipts, purchases and payments, or the number of alerts that require action.

Inventory, Products, and Services

The Products and Services module can be used for more than just tracking inventory items. You can use it to set up products and services that you buy and sell as well. Use it as a convenient way to default prices, descriptions, currencies, units of measure, and other details relating to sale and purchase items. You can configure an item as inventoried, only for sales, or only for purchases. Set up your own categories to group related items. Add a photo from the photo library to make selecting the correct item even easier.

Set buy and sell prices in multiple currencies

If you sell the same product or service in multiple currencies then you can configure a pricing group and set the appropriate price for each currency. Associate the same pricing group with multiple items if you have more than one product that uses the same set of prices. Change the price on the pricing group and it will be changed for all associated items. You can use the same facility to set both a default buy price and default sell price for each currency. If you want to use a fixed exchange rate then you can also set the local currency buy and sell price.

Automatically calculate Cost of Goods Sold

If your business uses the average cost base method of calculating cost of goods sold then the Products & Services module can calculate it automatically. Bookkeeping will track your purchase costs and use these to calculate the cost of goods sold for each item that you sell that is inventoried. If you sell an item that you don't have in stock then Bookkeeping will wait until you have purchased more stock and then calculate the cost of goods sold on those sold items. As your buying costs change the cost base will automatically be adjusted and used as the basis for any future sales.

Find transactions with Global search

The Global Search module provides a global search facility that allows you to search all of the transactions from one convenient screen. Once the relevant record is found you can tap on the search result to be taken immediately to the relevant screen and transaction. When you forget where you put something you can find it quickly, or determine whether you forgot to enter it at all. The search engine is optimised to search through tens of thousands of transactions in only a few seconds.1

Get to anywhere quickly, and get back quickly too, with Launchpad

If you are in the middle of entering something in Bookkeeping Pro and need to do something else on another screen then it's not a problem. The "Launchpad" button on the toolbar will take you immediately to the dashboard where you can access any function within the program. When you are finished press the "Return" button on the toolbar to be taken right back to what you were doing. It is no longer necessary to traverse through endless screens to find your way back to the screen you were on.

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  1. Actual time required to search depends on the amount of data and the device that you are using. Older devices will take longer than newer ones.