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Changes in Version 12.0.0 (September 2018)

  • Updated to be compatible with iOS12
  • Updated to be compatible with iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max

Changes in Version 11.0.5 (August 2018)

  • Use stock item buy/sell as signals to display in the portfolio performance based on spot price
  • Add buy/sell signals to the portfolio summary screen
  • Fixed an issue with field highlighting on the receipt and payment screens

Changes in Version 11.0.4 (August 2018)

  • Added portfolio performance screens
  • Do not lock the spot date when the date is in the lock period
  • Fix stock market fetch to handle some ETFs such as IVV
  • Change the default export line terminator to unix format
  • Correct the badge count when it is incorrect

Changes in Version 11.0.3 (August 2018)

  • Fixed theme change clearing books list until app restart
  • Added dark themes
  • Put journal item descriptions on the job activity statement
  • Highlight the field being edited
  • Include all assets and liabilities on job reporting instead of just bank accounts
  • Fixed problem selecting from a list on iOS11
  • Removed add items option when selecting for reports
  • Fixed rare crashes due to iOS11 changes

Changes in Version 11.0.2 (July 2018)

  • Updated for iOS11 compatibility

Changes in Version 11.0.1 (July 2018)

  • Updated for iPad Pro
  • Fixed order sheet for iOS11
  • Slight font size increase on iPad Pro 12"

Changes in Version 11.0.0 (April 2018)

  • Updated for iOS11
  • Updated for iPhone X
  • Removed deprecated photo links on sale and purchase
  • Update recurring date on journal if journal date changes
  • Receipt can receive adjusted line items as well
  • Payment can pay adjusted line items as well

Changes in Version 5.1.6 (January 2018)

  • Updated stock price refresh logic

Changes in Version 5.1.5 (August 2017)

  • Updated ATO tax tables for 2017-2018
  • Increased calculation precision from 6 decimal places to 8 decimal places

Changes in Version 5.1.4 (June 2017)

  • Updated customer statement to split out normal transactions and credits for the customer
  • Updated supplier statement to split out normal transactions and credits for the supplier

Changes in Version 5.1.3 (April 2017)

  • Added customer and supplier list with balance and latest sale date
  • Fixed memory leak

Changes in Version 5.1.2 (October 2016)

  • Dropbox improvements

Changes in Version 5.1.1 (October 2016)

  • Dropbox bug fixes

Changes in Version 5.1.0 (October 2016)

  • Updated Dropbox API to V2
  • iOS10 bug fixes

Changes in Version 5.0.3 (May 2016)

  • Improved the account number reallocation logic
  • Added book settings for account number spacing

Changed in Version 5.0.2 (March 2016)

  • Auto capitalise the first letter of rule descriptions
  • Allow sorting of bank reconciliations by date, amount, or description
  • Recover from transaction log sequence numbers that are out of chronological sequence
  • Fixed potential memory leaks

Changed in Version 5.0.1 (February 2016)

  • Fixed bug saving camera images to the camera roll
  • Fixed bug with existing linked contacts not fetching all details

Changed in Version 5.0.0 (January 2016)

  • Updated to 64-bit code base
  • Updated to XCode 7.2
  • Updated for iOS 9.2
  • Updated to Dropbox SDK 1.3.13
  • Receive important messages from the developer
  • Improved BAS statement handling of journal items with no tax
  • Improved Cost of Goods Sold management over multiple years
  • Added bank details on customer records to store details for refunds
  • Added bank details on supplier records to store details for payments
  • Added notes to accounts, customers, and suppliers to keep private notes
  • Added department name to allow for multiple departments with the same company name
  • Updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus
  • Improved memory consumption on 64-bit devices
  • Downloadable help documentation
  • Integrated new Contacts framework
  • Integrated new Photos framework
  • Improved address management
  • Improved Dropbox sync management
  • Web server access to documents folder
  • Diagnostics server

Changed in Version 4.7.5 (February 2015)

Fix for miscellaneous revenue/expense booked as a general journal entry instead of using the cheque book or deposit book

Changed in Version 4.7.4 (January 2015)

Bug fixes

Changed in Version 4.7.3 (November 2014)

Performance improvements and bug fixes

Changed in Version 4.7.2 (October 2014)

Fixed opening books with a pin code on iOS 8.0

Changed in Version 4.7.1 (October 2014)

Updated to iOS8.0

Added default job for customer or supplier for sales and purchases

Added the ability to update the journal number in the book counters screen

Allow bank accounts to be used on sale items and purchase items (petty cash withdrawals)

Display the number of sync items to be processed as an app badge

Added background sync of files from Dropbox

Enabled crash reporting for all crash types

Deal with nil references in PDF reports (e.g. where sale date is not specified)

Deal with nil references when processing CSV reports (e.g. where no business number specified)

Fixed colour of section titles and section button

Changed in Version 4.7.0 (September 2014)

We have added some really useful new capabilities in this release.

Swipe to the right on the search bar to dismiss the search bar keyboard. This is very useful on the iPhone which has no keyboard dismiss button.

You can now specify non-operating accounts in the chart of accounts. The app can now support things such as showing the before and after tax profit amounts on the profit and loss report. Change your "Income tax expense" accounts to be a "Non-Operating Expense" type instead of a normal "Expense" account type. You will then get a gross profit total on the report followed by a net (after tax) profit total on the report.

The expense budget report layout has been updated to include clearer titles and a budget amount remaining column.

The job facility has been enhanced with an "Inactive" job indicator to retire old jobs from the jobs list while retaining them in the system for historical purposes.

We added an app setting to allow the remembering of prior search criteria to be turned on or off as required. The default is for this facility to be turned on.

You can now email any of the reports in either PDF or CSV format. You can also use the "Open with..." function with either the PDF or CSV format. The CSV files can be opened in Excel or Numbers or your other favourite spreadsheet program.

The pricing groups capability has been enhanced to allow you to specify prices on inventory, products, and services based on date periods as well as by currency. So you can now specify change over pricing ahead of time and the program will pick up the appropriate price for the item when used on sales or purchases. If you specify an item date on a line item then that will be used to determine the price to use, otherwise the sale (or purchase) date will be used.

We have added an "Add Item" button to the header section for line items to allow you to quickly add line items without scrolling to the bottom of the list. This is available on the sale, receipt, purchase, payment, and general journal screens.

We have also improved some existing capabilities by reducing the memory required to perform certain memory intensive tasks.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed expense budget report sub totals on the forecast column
  • Fixed the layout of the report criteria selection screen so that it centres properly
  • Remove old temporary files when the program starts up
  • Fixed some small memory leaks

Changed in Version 4.6.0 (July 2014)

The new Field Hints toolbar button will help you to learn what the various fields in the App are for. Tap the Field Hints toolbar button on key screens to show the hints for each field. Tap it again to hide them.

Searching just got easier. Bookkeeping4 now remembers the last search term you used, ready for the next time. We also added a search cancel button for when you change your mind.

Time and Materials data entry via the sales screen just got quicker too. Press the "+" button to add a new line item and the item date is automatically advanced by one day on the new line item. This is great for contractors and consultants who bill on a daily basis.

The calendar picker has been updated to allow quick selection for today or return to the currently selected date.

Display reports in a list with sections instead of as menu buttons.

Detect accounts that are missing an account name and report these.

Added additional bank account types of Owners Equity and Owners Loan.

  • Fixed the Job Activity Statement relating to additional charges.
  • Fixed the Job Activity Statement relating to cash reporting when using accrual accounting.
  • Fixed so that fuzzy match uses the bank transaction date instead of the sale due date for receipts.
  • Fixed so that fuzzy match skips bank transactions that occur in locked periods.
  • Fixed so that auto match skips bank transactions that occur in locked periods.
  • Fixed legacy issue dealing with incorrect time zone adjustments on records.
  • Fixed so that the tax bands file is not cached when fetched from the server.

Changed in Version 4.5.0 (June 2014)

  • Updated screen design for iOS7 and data entry
  • Load Australian Tax Bands with a single button click
  • Removed prompt to rate the app
  • Removed Ad Network from LTE edition
  • Default the billing and shipping address for the business
  • Default the reporting email address for the business
  • Added Quick Sale and Quick Purchase to option menu
  • Set the maximum rows on search results to 50000
  • Built using new XCode 5.1.1
  • Fixed inventory balance issue when restoring a book
  • Fixed inventory adjustments issue when closing a financial year
  • Fixed display of refresh button on Portfolio screen and Stock Prices screen

Changed in Version 4.4.4 (April 2014)

  • Fixed delete row logic on iOS7.1
  • Prevent deleting book that has a pin code
  • Assign default tax code from account on cheque book
  • Assign default tax code from account on deposit book
  • Moved description on cheque book, deposit book, transfers book
  • Adjust totals for ledger entries prior to first opening balance date

Changed in Version 4.4.3 (April 2014)

  • Fixed Company Logo Photo button on Book Details screen
  • Allow display of ledger items before the first opening balance date
  • Improved picker view display on iOS7.1
  • Allow logo settings to be changed individually on invoices, receipts, orders, payments
  • More options on the help menu for convenience
  • Toned down blue in the minimal theme
  • LTE edition changes for ads and displaying buy now screen
  • Allow transfer books from LTE edition to Pro edition

Changed in Version 4.4.2 (April 2014)

  • Fixes for occasional crashes on iOS 7.1 for some users
  • Fixed email of pdf attachments issue on iOS 7.1
  • Fixed flicker when rotating displayed PDF files on iOS 7.1
  • Minimum version iOS7.1

Changed in Version 4.4.1 (March 2014)

  • Fix: If the saleitem/purchaseitem account is changed then update the receiptitems/paymentitems appropriately
  • Fix: Fixed export for accountant for caseware when dealing with account numbers
  • Fix: Set the cursor color on uitextfield and uisearchbar on iOS7
  • Fix: Check all parameters for determine whether currencies have been used on a book
  • Fix: Handle if the business number is nil when exporting the caseware file
  • Fix: Avoid unnecessary blank lines in export for accountant transactions list
  • Fix: Fixed small memory leak in PDF generation relating to releasing font resources
  • Fix: Improved the Repair Sync facility to repair more reliably
  • Enhance: Include receipt/sale/payment/purchase numbers in export for accountant transactions
  • Enhance: Added the ability to exclude the opening balance on the general ledger report
  • Enhance: Always calculate general ledger report activity excluding the opening balances
  • Enhance: Show the journal number in the title on relevant data entry screens
  • Enhance: Put back ability to use dropbox multi account but only from device settings
  • Enhance: Make optional whether references are exported for accountant. default is no.
  • Enhance: Introduced new Bookkeeping LTE edition
  • Enhance: Added iAd facility to Bookkeeping LTE edition
  • Enhance: Modified crash reporter to calculate base offset of each trace line
  • Enhance: Updated to iOS7.1 and XCode5.1
  • Enhance: Apply the account default tax code when applying a standard charge

Changes in Version 4.4.0 (February 2014)

  • New Dropbox app key for Pro edition (please relink to Dropbox)
  • Added "Repair Sync" button on sync settings screen
  • Allow access to ledger entries for prior financial years in the same book
  • Allow reporting for prior financial years in the same book
  • Display the book name on the title of each page as well as the page title
  • Improved copy book when dealing with blank book settings
  • Changed message when deleting a book with a pin code assigned
  • Fixed the tax code classification information when duplicating a sale or purchase
  • Removed advanced setting for Dropbox multi account as this is no longer supported by the Dropbox API.
  • Defer sending of crash reports until the program is started again
  • Retry sending crash reports to support if the send fails
  • Fixed occasional crashes when tapping one of the top right buttons
  • Fixed occasional crashes during verify books routine
  • Resize the status message display when the device is rotated
  • Renamed the check books toolbar button to verify books to avoid confusion
  • Additional program hints

Changes in version 4.3.1 (February 2014)

  • Improved memory handling of alert messages
  • Improved notifications display
  • Improved highlighting of missing values on inventory items
  • Access check books facility from the toolbar
  • Display log file as pages on iOS7
  • Display "Unspecified Account Name" if the account name is blank
  • Show details on sale/purchase item if they have a value even if there is no account

Changes in version 4.3.0 (January 2014)

Details for Bookkeeping4

  • Built using latest XCode and iOS7
  • Information message when trying to delete sale line item and sale has been paid.
  • Information message when trying to delete purchase line item and purchase has been paid.
  • New Dropbox sync outbound batch processing to reduce file numbers and improve speed.
  • New App Settings for dropbox batch sync processing to turn it on/off and set interval.
  • New setting on Sync Settings screen to turn batch sync processing on/off.
  • Allow viewing of the app log file from the About page.
  • Fix tax code records that have a missing tax code.
  • Allow editing of the recurring fields even when the record is locked.
  • Allow postal code data entry to be configured for either letters and number or numbers only.
  • New Minimal Theme for iOS7.
  • Fully updated for iOS7.
  • New provisioning profiles
  • Fixed concurrency error in bank reconciliation items bulk processing functions.
  • Fixed issue with payment generated by Quick Purchase for Cash Accounting.
  • Fixed issue with receipt generated by Quick Sale for Cash Accounting.
  • Detect and report unbalanced transactions during the verify process.
  • Fixed display issue on Current P&L and Current Balance when resuming app.

Changes in version 4.2.0 (October 2013)

Summary for Bookkeeping Pro

  • New Logos for retina displays
  • Support for iOS 5.1
  • Minor useability improvements

Summary for Bookkeeping Standard

  • New Logos for retina displays
  • Support for iOS 5.1
  • Minor useability improvements
  • Jobs module included as standard
  • Employees module included as standard
  • Enhanced Bank Reconciliation module included as standard
  • Global Search module included as standard
  • Standard Charges module included as standard
  • Departments module included as standard
  • Shares module included in Products & Services module
  • iTunesConnect module included in Currency module


  • New Icons for Retina Displays
  • Support for iOS 5.1 on Standard and Pro edition (NO in-app purchases for iOS 5.1)
  • Change when delete list items messages appear
  • Handle Dropbox tranlog lowercase folder name
  • Provide nice error message when sync fails due to delete failure
  • Fixed message when deleting inventory relating to linked sales
  • Make smaller in-app purchases part of the standard product
  • Can now edit receipt entered from sale screen
  • Can now edit payment entered from purchase screen
  • Jobs module included as standard
  • Employees module included as standard
  • Enhanced Bank Reconciliation module included as standard
  • Global Search module included as standard
  • Standard Charges module included as standard
  • Departments module included as standard
  • Shares module included in Products & Services module
  • iTunesConnect module included in Currency module
  • Pricing Groups module included standard when both Currency and Inventory modules are owned

Changes in version 4.1.7 (October 2013)

Both Editions

  • Added smart match to enhanced bank reconciliation
  • Renamed auto match to rule match
  • Added iTunesConnect config report
  • Added Account merge facility
  • Improved handling of edge cases during synchronisation after updates
  • Show the search bar on multi-select lists
  • Fixed crash due to missing payment details titles
  • Fixed threading issue with CSV import routines
  • Automatically show/hide part number column on invoices
  • Automatically show/hide uom column on invoices
  • Automatically show/hide item date column on invoices
  • Added a payment notice PDF for payments
  • Added due date to the payments section of invoices
  • Allow tweaking of invoice column widths in book settings
  • Copy the item date when adding a new line item
  • Display the item date on the sale items list and purchase items list
  • Allow the job assigned to an inventory adjustment to be changed
  • Default inventory purchase account to the inventory asset account
  • Show the department invoice comments on invoices for a department
  • Show the department quote comments on quotes for a department
  • Show the department order comments on orders for a department
  • Show the title correctly on the app settings screen when viewing a section
  • Added book settings user guide
  • Updated banking module user guide

Changes in version 4.1.6 (September 2013)

Both Editions

  • Fixed networkStatusChanged issue on import customers, suppliers, accounts, and inventory
  • Enhanced so that attachments on emails work correctly when email signatures have formatting
  • Added clear button and quit button to the pin code entry screen
  • Allow multiple attempts to enter a valid pin code, with 3 second delay between attempts
  • Allow configurable delay before prompting for a pin code when returning to the app with a protected book open
  • Allow multi-selection of criteria (customer, supplier, account, etc) on reports
  • Allow selection of job on job related reports
  • Allow selection of employee on employee related reports
  • Allow running job related reports for both accrual and cash accounting when operating on an accrual basis
  • Show inventory adjustments on the inventory turnover statement
  • Show inventory adjustments on the inventory activity statement
  • Clear foreign currency opening balance on revenue/expense accounts when year end is processed

Changes in version 4.1.5 (August 2013)

Both Editions

  • Fixed dividend receipt screen to check if shares is enabled
  • Improved share portfolio management of share/stock items
  • Handle the case where shares is enabled but inventory is disabled
  • Renamed book setting Use Inventory to Use Products and Services
  • Fixed so that refresh of screen also refreshes detail screen lists

Version 4.1.4 (August 2013)

Both Editions

  • Fixed company logo import from Dropbox
  • Fixed company logo import from Photo Library
  • Added item date to sale and purchase line items and invoices
  • Display the tax number on the Book Details and Department screens
  • Added advanced setting to reset Bookkeeping completely
  • Display the alert when a backup is completed
  • Added manual Cost of Goods Sold capability
  • Fixed concurrent modification error during verify ledger
  • Clear date using "Clear" button on iPhone
  • Clear date using "Tap and Hold" on iPad
  • Allow restore from local filesystem even when there is no network
  • Split Book Counters into a separate screen accessed from Options on Book Details

Bookkeeping Pro

  • Added departments and trading names facility
  • Assign department to an employee
  • Assign department to an account (for department level profit & loss reporting)
  • Assign department to a sale or purchase
  • Assign department to a customer or supplier
  • Run profit & loss statement for a single department or the whole company
  • Duplicate the employee when duplicating a sale or purchase
  • Duplicate the department when duplicating a sale or purchase
  • Inform if Dropbox sync is suspended due to errors
  • Fixed so that if iOS changes the app unique identifier then sync still works
  • Fixed sync so that it does not try to sync similarly named directories on Dropbox

Bookkeeping Standard

  • Added departments and trading names in-app purchase
  • Added synchronisation in-app purchase

Version 4.1.3 (August 2013)

Both Editions

  • Changed the Option button icon to a new icon to avoid confusion with the Share icon
  • Fixed the ordering of the opening balance entry on ledger entry lists
  • Fixed Quick Sale and Quick Purchase so that description is editable when inventory is not used
  • Aggregated view of ledger entries for the same account and same journal entry
  • Improved efficiency of interacting with Dropbox
  • Added a hint about Twitter account
  • Protect against nil keys and values when processing alerts
  • iOS7 Cellular access fixes
  • iOS7 Date Picker fixes

Version 4.1.2 (July 2013)

Both Editions

  • Allow navigation from the conflicts screen to the Book Details screen
  • New icon for Book Settings to distinguish from App Settings
  • Reduce memory requirements during verify to support even larger databases
  • Show accounts on opening balances screen even if inactive if they have an opening balance
  • Prompt to backup the book before closing the year, cleaning up records, or rolling back a year
  • Prompt to make a read only copy after the backup when closing the year
  • Rename the book after closing the year or rolling back a year
  • Fixed anomalies on bank rec screen when using with account transactions at the top
  • Added enhanced bank rec facility to show/hide reconciled transactions from a toolbar button
  • Fixed defaulting of the bank account on receipt when a default was set on the customer
  • Fixed defaulting of the bank account on payment when a default was set on the supplier
  • Added App Setting to configure the timeout interval for Dropbox connections
  • Added dividends list screen to shares module

  • Fixed toolbar rendering for iOS 7 compatibility

  • Fixed picker handling for iOS 7 compatibility
  • Fixed up table layouts for iOS 7 compatibility
  • Protect against no managedObjectContext problems
  • Make the status film transparent
  • Default to using Dropbox for restore, backup, and import if Dropbox is linked
  • Fixed display of add new line item on the auto match screen
  • Moved the business name and number to the top of the book details screen
  • Protect against nill path in call to initFileURLWithPath
  • Fixed restore logic to handle UUID reference fields (e.g. employeeUUID, linkUUID, chargeUUID)
  • Changed tick to plus button on QuickSalary and QuickDividend
  • Fixed layout of Pricing Group screen

  • Removed old reference to "Organise Lines" on payment screen and purchase screen

  • Added Salary Payments List to quickly view a list of all salary payments

Standard Edition

  • Added In-App Purchase for Employees Module
  • Added In-App Purchase for Multi-Currency Module
  • Added In-App Purchase for Enhanced Bank Rec Module
  • Added In-App Purchase for Products and Services Module
  • Added In-App Purchase for Global Search Module
  • Added In-App Purchase for Standard Charges Module
  • Added In-App Purchase for Pricing Groups Module
  • Added In-App Purchase for Shares Module
  • Added In-App Purchase for iTunesConnect Module

Version 4.1.1 (July 2013)

  • Added Job Tracking In-App Purchase to Bookkeeping Standard

Version 4.1.0 (July 2013)

  • Added support in reports for the Taxable Payments Reporting for the Building and Construction industry
  • Generate a receipt for payments and refunds that can be emailed
  • Store a reference to the full resolution photo that is stored in the photo library
  • Improved navigation between related screens and data entry improvements
  • Improved budget report to include forecast budget amount and compliance %
  • Minimum iOS version 6.1
  • Show the delete and insert icons on line items
  • Always show the move handles when appropriate (no need for entering Organise mode)
  • Fixed so that cheques/deposit/transfers cannot be deleted if in a locked period
  • Don't allow paid today once a payment has been processed another way
  • Refund processing logic fixed so that it works correctly with adjustments
  • Fixed occasional crash when setting the time zone to default
  • Added navigation from a sale to all related adjustments
  • Improved the navigation from the sale to the receipt/refund screen
  • Show the balance of the entire sale on the adjustments screen
  • Highlight overdue alerts on the main menu
  • Use QuickLook to display the captured photos
  • Added more space between buttons on the navigation bar to help avoid mistouches
  • Add a new cheque entry directly from the cheque book screen
  • Add a new deposit entry directly from the deposit book screen
  • Add a new journal entry directly from the journal screen
  • Add a new payment entry directly from the payment screen
  • Add a new purchase entry directly from the purchase screen
  • Add a new receipt entry directly from the receipt screen
  • Add a new sale entry directly from the sale screen
  • Add a new transfer entry directly from the transfer book screen
  • Only display the cheque number field when appropriate (e.g. for Cheque accounts)
  • Record and show the last used cheque number on the account
  • Changed references to support@warby.com to be helpdesk@warby.com
  • Use standard Dropbox linking by default
  • When selecting sales show the oldest sale first
  • When selecting purchases show the oldest purchase first
  • Option item to add new line item on sale/purchase/receipt/payment/journal
  • Show hint button on the help screen instead of the about button
  • Upgraded code base to iOS 6.1 SDK
  • New alert screen to replace the old default alert dialog
  • Switched to wildcard App ID so that App does not show in App store has having In-App Purchases
  • Show the photo window full screen when taking photos for sales and purchases
  • Store imported photos from Dropbox into the photo library and reference them from there
  • Attempt to display a dialog on fatal errors before terminating
  • Hide Go To Customers , Go To Suppliers , Go To Reports when in launchpad mode
  • Show relevant credit accounts only on select bank account lists
  • Print salesperson specific comments on invoices (e.g. Provider numbers)
  • Quickly add standard charges on receipt of payment (e.g. credit card payment charges)
  • Quotes and RFQs no longer affect the inventory stock levels
  • Define a separate buy and sell currency for products and services
  • Renamed Inventory to Product and Services to more accurately describe their whole purpose
  • Fixed so that cost of sales is calculated when a quote is converted to a sale
  • Fixed so that the cost of goods sold and gross profit are not shown on quotes
  • Fixed so that cost of sales is calculated for negative sale adjustments
  • Assign a purchaser to a purchase
  • Assign a salesperson to a sale
  • Print purchaser specific comments on purchase orders
  • Improved error messages on sync failure
  • Prevent user interaction while sync files are being processed to avoid merge conflicts
  • Handle merge conflicts as fatal exceptions to avoid potentially overwriting information
  • Fixed up the settings in the Standard edition to not include the Pro edition settings

Version 4.0.3 (June 2013)

  • Improved the import data and export data facilities to support alternate keys
  • Improved the import/export data facility to support a set of column mappings in the CSV file
  • Improved the import data facility to support files with Windows, Mac, or Unix line endings
  • Improved the import data facility to report on the success of the import
  • Added customisations for the content of exported data (via App Settings)
  • Added custom CSV inventory items importer screen
  • Added custom CSV customers importer screen
  • Added custom CSV suppliers importer screen
  • Added custom CSV accounts importer screen
  • Added support for opening CSV files with Bookkeeping and invoking bank transaction import
  • Added support for opening CSV files with Bookkeeping and invoking import data
  • Added support for opening CSV files with Bookkeeping and invoking import CSV inventory
  • Added support for opening CSV files with Bookkeeping and invoking import CSV customers
  • Added support for opening CSV files with Bookkeeping and invoking import CSV suppliers
  • Added support for opening CSV files with Bookkeeping and invoking import CSV accounts
  • Added an external account number field to assign any 6 character account number to accounts
  • Added sale description to detailed aged debtors statement (Book Settings to turn on/off)
  • Added purchase description to detailed aged creditors statement (Book Setting to turn on/off)
  • Added the missing Book Setting to enable showing phone numbers on the aged statements
  • Fixed the import data routine to prevent accidentally linking to records in other books
  • Zero accounts and inventory when creating a copy of a book as a template
  • Pad decimal numbers on the inventory activity statement (Book Setting to turn on/off)
  • Create temporary directory when it is missing because the application did not install correctly
  • Detect when a PDF cannot be written to the storage and alert when this occurs
  • Fixed so that "Open with..." will start Bookkeeping4 properly if it is not already started
  • Added support for multi-line invoice comments on sales
  • Added support for multi-line order comments on purchases
  • Added support for multi-line quote comments on quotes
  • Added support for multi-line rfq comments on rfqs
  • Added book setting to configure whether invoice comments are written on the left, center, or right
  • Allow summary accounts to be moved and deleted as required to support more flexible account structures
  • Recalculate account numbers if the number base for the account type is changed in the settings
  • Add setting to determine whether zeros are shown on the current balance and current p&l screens
  • Add option for unlimited rows displayed on lists (albeit with the performance consequences)
  • Fixed select current earnings account to filter by equity accounts instead of filter by expense accounts
  • Fixed select accumulated profits account to filter by equity accounts instead of filter by expense accounts
  • Changed the default native PDF engine font to Helvetica
  • Set the new native PDF engine as the default engine
  • Added additional font size options for finer grained control of font sizes in PDF files
  • Fixed handling of missing objects during synchronisation in a better way
  • Fixed generation of invoices for invoice numbers that have / characters.
  • Added book setting to allow the local currency to be displayed on invoices (off by default)
  • Do not default the currency on the inventory item when the sale or purchase account is selected
  • Inventory currency overrides the sale or purchase account currency when used on a sale or purchase
  • If using pricing groups then disable the default currency and default prices on the inventory item itself (except for iTunesConnect)
  • Show the buy or sell price in the inventory list as appropriate
  • Show the buy or sell price in the inventory list from the pricing group when pricing groups are used
  • Explain why the sale/purchase item cannot be edited in cases where this is so
  • Improved customer statements to include sales in prior periods that are still unpaid
  • Improved supplier statements to include purchases in prior periods that are still unpaid
  • Capture more sync related logs to assist with debugging issues
  • Allow the customer to be selected on many of the customer related reports
  • Allow the supplier to be selected on many of the supplier related reports
  • Improved the customer statement to show the amounts still unpaid per sale
  • Improved the supplier statement to show the amounts still unpaid per purchase
  • Change the customer and supplier statements to landscape orientation to accommodate the additional fields
  • Improved the layout of the report inputs screen
  • Attempt automatic recovery from database merge conflicts
  • Ensure that app is upgraded before processing sync logs from newer versions of the program
  • Improved iTunesConnect import to automatically create missing inventory items

Version 4.0.2 (May 2013)

  • Added new inventory activity statement to provide a summary of purchases and sales by inventory item
  • Added the capability to mark a sales tax code as always paid or always collected
  • Added the capability to record the percentage of a sales tax that is not claimable
  • Added the capability to select the inventory category from a list of already entered categories
  • Added the capability to select the stock location from a list of already entered stock locations
  • Prevent changing the paid today amount on the sale if the receipt is reconciled
  • Prevent changing the paid today amount on the purchase if the payment is reconciled
  • Improved data entry of tax inclusive foreign currency amounts on sales and purchases
  • Improved the searchable fields to include default fields and related entities
  • Remember the transaction date on cheques, deposits, and bank transfers
  • Allow financial year start date to be set if it is unset even if transactions have been entered
  • Disable the pin code buttons once four digits have been entered to avoid rare crash
  • Disable picker if there are no rows in the picker to avoid a crash occurring
  • Fixed posting of sales tax on additional charges entered on receipt or payment item screen
  • Fixed consolidated tax statement accrual handling of forex and expenses incurred as part of a sale
  • Fixed consolidated tax statement accrual handling of forex and revenue earned as part of a purchase
  • Fixed verify books procedure to correctly update record counts for all stored counts

Version 4.0.1 (May 2013)

  • Improved usability of new adjustments screens
  • Added new native PDF engine (with support for Chinese, Japanese, etc)
  • Added App Setting to turn on the new native PDF engine (off by default)
  • Added App Setting to select any built in font for new native PDF engine
  • Added capability to order buckets in any order on the consolidated tax statement
  • Simplified default configuration of synchronisation settings
  • Fixed title of the "RFQs statement" report
  • Fixed Cash Flow Statement to report the account name correctly for receipts and payments
  • Improved expression evaluator to handle South African formatting with spaces in numbers
  • Updated the inbuilt documentation

Version 4.0.0 (April 2013)

Initial Product Release to replace older Bookkeeping 3.6.7 app. This is a complete rewrite from the ground up with everything that was in Bookkeeping 3.6.7 plus a whole lot of improvements and support for multi-user synchronisation.

Change history for Bookkeeping 3.6.7 is here

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