For small businesses, home businesses, contractors, and world travellers

Bookkeeping Pro has got you covered regardless of whether you are trying to balance your home business accounts, have a small business that sells products and services around the world, or are a jet setting professional that needs their finances in their pocket at all times.

Bookkeeping Pro is unlike many simple bookkeeping programs in that it has been designed to handle the simple day to day finances of a home business, and also designed to handle the complex day to day requirements of a jet setting small business dealing with multiple currencies and bank accounts in multiple currencies with sales and purchases from countries all around the world.

The program will adapt to your requirements, by hiding fields that are not required, and by being configurable so that you can decide what to use and what not to use. The program is designed so that it can grow as your needs and complexity grow.

You will not be locked into a costly upgrade cycle simply to keep the program current as all configurable data is easily accessible and updatable by you. You can enter your own calendars, income tax scales, sales tax rates, and many other items that are important to you and which change over time.