Extras to make things easier

The program goes beyond the standard facilities of Sales, Receipts, Purchases, Payments, Returns, Refunds, and General Journals and has additional support for Inventory items, Employee Salaries, Salary Entitlements, Job Tracking, Dividend Receipts, Term Deposits, Budgeting, Bank Reconciliations, Importing Bank Transactions, Auto-matching of Bank Transactions, Recurring Transactions, and a whole host of Reports that you can access directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can email or print any report that you can view on the screen and all reports are in the portable PDF format so that they are compatible with a wide variety of computers and printers. Bookkeeping doesn't stop there either. There is support for Invoicing, Quotations, and Purchase Orders, as well as Statements that you can send to your customers to inform them of outstanding invoice amounts.