Document Purpose

This document is a guide for users of the Bookkeeping Pro program. It outlines many of the common tasks that are undertaken during bookkeeping tasks and explains how to achieve these using the Bookkeeping Pro program.

The user guide does not cover every possible function that the program can do nor every possible scenario that you might encounter, rather it covers the common tasks so that you can become more familiar with the program quickly. For a description of every screen please refer to the Bookkeeping Pro Reference Manual.

For assistance with more advanced functions you can contact the support team via email at, or directly on our helpdesk portal at They will be happy to answer any questions that you have about the program.

Disclaimer: We make our best endeavours to ensure that the information contained in this documentation is accurate. However we cannot guarantee that this is the case as things change and mistakes are sometimes made. We accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions or consequences that may result from the use of any information contained within this documentation. You use this information at your sole discretion and assume full liability for such use. It is your responsibility to check anything that you are unsure of with your accountant or government agency. We do not give financial advice and are not licensed to do so. Everything contained within this documentation is of a general nature and for illustrative and educational purposes only. It is your responsibility to seek out licensed professionals to assist you with determining any suitability or applicability of anything contained in this documentation to your particular situation.