What's New in Bookkeeping Pro

Every version of Bookkeeping has improved on the prior version and Bookkeeping Pro brings together a full suite of bookkeeping tools that can meet all the needs of many small businesses and individuals.

"Bookkeeping Pro" is the follow on product from "Bookkeeping" and contains all of the capabilities of Bookkeeping.

We worked hard to make Bookkeeping Pro even better than Bookkeeping and to cater for even more needs of small businesses.

There have been many changes behind the screens to improve Bookkeeping and many user interface improvements as well. The major changes are:

  • Synchronisation with Dropbox so that your books on all of your devices can be kept aligned.
  • Automatic incremental backups to Dropbox.
  • Global searching so that you can find records no matter when or how you entered them.
  • Database changes to support synchronisation and performance improvements.
  • Significant increase in the number of transactions that can be managed by the program.
  • Inventory stock level tracking so you know how much stock you have at any time.
  • Assign a photograph to each inventory item for quick identification when selecting items.
  • Automatic cost of goods sold calculations so you know immediately what your profitability is.
  • Searches in lists now search all records in the database instead of just filtering what was retrieved.
  • Launchpad to allow access to any program function from anywhere, and then return to where you were.
  • Icons and other menu item improvements to make it easier and quicker to use the program.
  • Capture a photo and attach to the purchase for later reference.
  • Capture a photo and attach to the sale for later reference.
  • Improvements to adjustments, returns, and refunds processing to make their use even easier.
  • Apply additional charges on receipts and payments for things like merchant fees, credit card processing charges, etc.
  • Calculate levies and import/export tax liabilities on purchases and sales.
  • Improved banking facilities for cheques, deposits, and bank transfers.
  • Significant improvements to bank reconciliations to make it even quicker and easier.
  • Support for BAI2 banking file format for importing bank transactions.
  • Australian specific defaults for BAS and GST support (for those customers residing in Australia).
  • Significantly faster year end closing process.
  • Improvements to the year end closing process to enable undo of a closed financial year.